South Hills, Burcombe, SEN Report & Policy Information.


SEN stands for Special Educational Needs

SENCO stands for Special Educational Needs Coordinator

At South Hills, Burcombe, we foster a warm and inviting environment where children, including those with special needs, can play, explore, learn, be creative and form lasting relationships with their peers and staff.

We have two SENCOs on our staff and encourage a happy and engaging atmosphere where every child participates and is included in our daily routine.

We practise Attention, Appreciation, Affection and Acceptance.

We can help identify and offer support if your child has Special Needs in accordance with the Settings Inclusion Policy 2014 and in accordance with the SEND (Special Educational Needs and Disabilities) code of practices 2014, which you can read (

If you are concerned that your child may need extra support or have a developmental delay that may indicate Special Educational Needs or a disability, you can expect to be involved fully in our progress with your child.

Identifying SEN

There are four broad categories of need as identified in the SEND Code of Practises 2014.

These are:

Communication and Language

Cognition and Learning

Social, Mental and Emotional Health Difficulties (that may affect behaviour)

Sensory and/or Physical (including vision and hearing)

What do we do?

Your child will be assigned a Senco Key Practitioner who will be working specifically with them, utilizing tracking sheets to monitor targets set for your child as they play within the nursery environment.

A ‘One Page Profile’ will be created for your child also, that will be available for viewing by all the staff in the Nursery, showing the immediate and individual care that your child needs.  This sheet will show the best way to offer support to your child and will include favourite toys to play with, routine habits, interests, likes or dislikes and any existing medical or special needs already in place.

All our SENCO staff are trained and encouraged to take additional training and development.

How do we Monitor Progress?

We start a ‘My Support Plan’ for your child which is child centred and outcome focused. This means that they are designed to concentrate on the individual needs of your child and prioritise the things that important to and for your child.

We will also start a graduated response, most commonly in the form of an IEP (Individual Education Plan) designed for children with Special Educational Needs to help them get the most out of their education. An IEP is a teaching and learning plan to set out targets and actions for your child that are additional or different to those that are in place for the rest of the class. 

How is the graduated response monitored?

The key assumption of a graduated response is that it is a cycle, moving through 4 phases; assess, plan, implement review,  The IEP (Individual Education Plan) is reviewed on a quarterly basis. We discuss the support your child needs and how this is being met by the school. Parents are also always invited to attend.

How do we Review Progress?

We review to ensure that interventions and actions are still appropriate and that the provision for your child continues to match the nature of their needs. Parents and carers are always invited to attend any meetings of this nature.

What Support is Offered?

At South Hills Burcombe, our approach is to have an open door policy and all our parents are encouraged and welcome to be involved in their child’s progress at the Nursery.

We work as a team and as we are a small nursery, we support and consult each other every day with the goal of making all the children in our care, thoroughly enjoy their time with us. If a child requires additional support there are many Specialist Outside Services available.

What are Specialist Outside Services?

With the well being of your child in mind, there are many specialist services available and parents are always consulted regarding the support offered. This ranges from Speech and Language, Occupational Therapists and Educational Psychologists to health visitors, your local children’s centre and community centre.

Who can I contact at South Hills, Burcombe?

You are welcome to call the nursery Monday to Friday between 9:00am – 3:15pm

Telephone number (01722) 743-901

Manager - Kerry Brant

Deputy Manager & SENCO - Melissa Loader