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City Owls (Pre-School)



The Owls class is the pre-school year group. The child to staff ratio is one to eight providing the children with plenty of adult interaction and the freedom to explore the environment in a safe way to develop their independence.

The Owls room prepares the children for the transition to school and our planning reflects structured activities based around letters and sounds, numeracy and understanding of the world and incorporates ICT.  We also develop their independence in self-care in preparation for school.   Daily we have circle time where the children learn about the days of the week, the months of year and  solve simple numeracy problems, as we mark the children in on our registers.  The children have recently designed their own golden rules, so they take ownership of their environment and know their voice is respected.   Alongside this the children learn through play in order to develop their critical thinking and social skills. The voice of the child is paramount and this is reflected in our planning which supports their self-esteem and thus their confidence grows.

Our children love to be creative and we have lots of messy play and stimulating resources that they can freely access, enabling them to develop their creativity and critical thinking. The enabling environment helps them to become active learners.  

We also promote healthy lifestyles and go outside whatever the weather. The children love to explore, whether it is scooting up and down,  riding the bikes, being involved in games such as “What’s the time Mr. Wolf ?” or just watching the wonders of the world.  They also enjoy going into our gym where we use the soft play equipment or the climbing equipment to develop their gross motor skills and the children love playing big circle games like 'Duck, duck, goose'.

Snack time is on a rolling snack system and we promote healthy eating, the children independently prepare and select fruit and snacks.  At lunch time the children continue to develop their independent skills by serving themselves which helps them gain an insight into portion control and also to try new food.



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