Blue Room


In our Blue Room we have a maximum of 24 children, on a 1 to 8 ratio, enabling the staff to fulfil the needs of all the children within the room.  We take children from 3 years and support them with the transition to primary school.

In the Blue Room they follow an age appropriate routine of the day which consists of:


  • Registration
  • Free play
  • Snack and meal times
  • Planned indoor and outdoor activities 
  • Key worker group time
  • Singing time, reflection and evaluation


Although this routine is in place, it can be adapted or diverted from occasionally to meet the needs and interests of the children.


We operate a Key Person System.  Each member of staff has responsibility for certain children and each child has one special adult with whom they relate.  This can make settling into the nursery much easier.  The Key Person tailors the groups curriculum to the unique needs of each individual child. This is done by completing observation records 3 times a week.

Every member of staff will work with every child within the setting to ensure that full supportive learning is completed and achieved.



   The Room Leaders voice.....   

In the blue room my team and I aim for the highest standard of early years education which is delivered in a lively and interesting way to incorporate the uniqueness of each individual child.  I believe learning should be fun, and a child who is having fun will be learning.  We allow children to fulfil their own individual potential within a happy environment.  By giving reassurance, praise and encouragement I believe children will develop self confidence and self esteem.


A parents voice...



"We were quite nervous about our little boy starting nursery as he suffered a lot from separation anxiety. However the staff at abc are so friendly and professional, he settled in with surprising ease. He now runs into nursery with a cheery wave 'bye' and hardly gives us a backwards glance! We take great delight in talking about the time spent at nursery and as time has gone by we are learning about and sharing stories about the days activities. Our kitchen is covered in plenty of new works of art all beautifully crafted at nursery. His communication, numeracy and literacy skills are developing in leaps and bounds. Oh and when you drop off and collect your child the food smells really tempting and it is always freshly prepared by the cook Kelly. If you have a problem or need to make any adjustments, the office staff are really, really helpful. They are genuinely cheery and ready to assist at the drop of a hat. We are really lucky to have found abc Nursery, it is a real little gem of a place, right on our doorstep. Thank you to everyone and keep doing what you are doing!"


Bev Pound


Management team


Tina Thomson 

NVQ Level 3 in Childcare, Development & Education


Deputy Manager:

Jane Partington 

Early Years Teacher Status & BSc Early Childhood Studies


Deputy Manager:

Katie King 

Foundation Degree in Science in Early Years (birth to 7 years)

Blue Room Staff

Room Leader:

Carrie Richardson 

NNEB and working towards Foundation Degree in Early Years Education.


Senior Nursery Practitioner:

Rebecca White 

Foundation Degree in Early Yers & Education and working towards BA (hons) in Childcare & Education.


Nursery Practitioner:

Sam Costello 

NVQ Level 3 in Childcare, Development & Education


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