South Hills Nursery School in Salisbury

Welcome to Salisbury

At South Hills Nursery, we provide opportunities for all children to experience a good range of play equipment and resources for them to make progress within their individual learning and development across the 7 areas of learning.  Therefore we have developed the ethos of the Early Years Foundation Stage as our main approach in developing the learning and progress of all our children.

We ensure that we provide a stimulating atmosphere where the children’s voices are the basis for all our planning and activities. As the learning is child-initiated, the children learn to be confident in sharing their views and opinions with their peers and learn that the focused learning is created by their own interests.

We base our planning around broad themes and from the interests of our children which are obtained from our daily focused and spontaneous observations of the individual children.  Key Persons observe their key children during all sessions and through a balance of adult-led and child-initiated learning.

By building strong relationships with the children and parents/carers, we strive to create a learning environment that is fully inclusive and welcoming.  The routines are devised to encourage the children to be well integrated and achieve as much as they can, overcoming any barriers which could prevent this.  We have a specialised SENCO on site that can assist us with identifying and responding early to the needs of children who may have developmental difficulties, but also providing appropriate challenges for gifted and talented children. Our speech and language room is used daily by our highly qualified and experienced Speech and Language Coordinator and is accessed by the Salisbury District Hospitals Speech Therapists.

Using the outdoor farm linked to South Hills School in Wilton, the children gain huge excitement travelling in the minibus and sharing the opportunities to feed and care for the animals.  Such trips are enjoyed by all ages, children and staff, and extend their understanding of the wider community and support their learning and enjoyment.
This information can only provide you with a brief outline of what life at South Hills Nursery Salisbury is like, so we would be delighted for you to come and visit us to appreciate the work we do.  Please contact Hilary Campbell-Smith on (01722) 349090 to book an appointment.


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