South Hills Nursery School in Salisbury

Hedgehog Rooms (3 months - 2 years)

These rooms provide care for children aged 3 months - 2 years. The rooms are well designed to cater for this age group and offer all of the children a chance to learn and develop in a sensorial way.  A small amount of structure is introduced and the room is organised into different areas of learning, with a huge emphasis on play.  Every effort is made to ensure parents feel completely confident when entrusting their children to our care and individual diaries are completed for the younger members of this class to let the parents understand their child’s routine each day.

As the children become more mobile, we encourage new opportunities for exploration such as using treasure baskets for knowledge of textures, ball pools and pop-up tents.  The children also complete a creative activity each day which can include painting on a small or large scale, sensory trays with ‘gloop’ and role play time.  This begins to introduce each child to taking turns and sharing.

Growing physical strengths and skills mean that the children need active times for exercise, and quiet times for calmer activities.  Exploration and simple self-help activities are introduced to encourage self-confidence and a range of pretend play sessions help the children to learn about a range of possibilities.  Circle time is introduced to reflect on each child’s personal experience.  Our children are constantly busy and can enjoy their time with us indoor or out, due to us having free flow access.


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Hedgehogs Staff

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