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South Hills Nursery School in Salisbury

Owl Rooms (3 - 5yrs)

These rooms prepare the children for starting school and are for ages 3 years to 5 years. Weekly planning ensures the children are encouraged to extend themselves so that they can continue to enjoy learning in the reception class.

This is a time when the children learn to develop their positive self image, natural curiosity, the ability to think creatively and communicate with independence and confidence.  An increased interest in joint play such as make-believe, construction and games helps children to learn the important social skills of sharing and co-operation during our sessions.

Conversations held between the children and their key person become an important source of information, guidance and reassurance, strengthening the link between home and nursery.  Circle time is used to engage the children with the activities being carried out at nursery and self registration helps support confidence and self awareness. The children are taught their Letters and Sounds which introduces them to the phonic alphabet in song and actions which in turn supports their development when starting school. Number rhymes and computer activities extend their understanding of basic counting and number recognition whilst the immmediate learning environment aids with their thirst for independence.

The rooms heavily promote messy play where the children are able to express themselves in a creative manner which is not always available at home.  Displays of the children’s art work and photographs of celebrations are used to encourage the children to share their enjoyment of activities with their parents.  Snack time is an opportunity to develop social skills as well as promoting healthy eating - there are only healthy choices available, for example wholemeal bread and a selection of fresh fruit and vegetables.  Within the room, a rolling snack system is in place where children have the opportunity to develop independence and the ability to make their own choices.


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