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South Hills Nursery School in Wilton

The Meadows

The Meadow operates in three classes:

Dormouse (3-12 months)

Squirrels (12-18 months)

Rabbits (18-24 months)

For children aged 3-24 months, the staff ratio is 1:3.  Situated in a quiet part of the school and with our own outdoor play area tailor-made for this age group, the baby unit offers a pleasant, stimulating atmosphere and homely environment for the babies.

Dormice (3-12 months)

Our playroom is carefully designed to meet the needs of young babies as well as offering lots of new sensory experiences.  Our babies love to explore textures, to experiment with musical instruments and to expand their visual experiences with mirrors and holographic card.  Young babies are very tactile so we make sure to provide the encouragement they need to explore new media including "gloop", jelly, paint and sand.  We are well equipped with pushcairs and fully exploit the unique outdoor opportunities on offer to us, taking the babies for regular walks to visit the farm animals or to explore the woods.

Squirrels (12-18 months)

We offer many opportunities for toddlers beginning to find their feet; our children enjoy indoor physical play sessions with a tunnel and pop-up tent which is often filled with balls.  Much of our time is spent outdoors, either in our outdoor play area, out and about on the farm, or exploring the school's specially designed sensory garden.  Our toddlers benefit from a daily creative activity ranging from sticking with a variety of materials, to large scale body painting!  Much of the children's craft work is displayed throughout the unit making it bright, colourful and stimulating. 

Rabbits (18-24 months)

There are many opportunities for expanding imaginations in the Rabbits class.  The indoor environment benefits from a playhouse where children can engage in role-play activities with the teaset, dolls and through dressing up.  Our children love spending time outside.  They are involved in creating their own outdoor environment, planting seeds and bulbs in the garden and tending to the school's vegetable patch.  We take many of our activities out into the garden for example, art & craft, sand and water play.  Our children love to spend time on the farm feeding the animals and collecting the chickens' eggs which we will use later in our cooking activities.


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Kim Steele Level 5 Diploma Leadership for the Children & Young Peoples Workforce: Early Years Management

Deputy Manager:

Joanna Down Level 5 Diploma Leadership for the Children & Young Peoples Workforce: Early Years Management


Annette Dive Level 3 Diploma Children & Young Peoples Workforce


Bekii Geddes  NVQ Level 3 Children's Care & Education


Sarah Dawkins (Baby Unit Team Leader) NVQ Level 3 Children's Care & Education

Jane Soutar NVQ Level 3 Children's Care & Education



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