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Parents Association at South Hills Nursery School

Fundraising and how you can help


Thanks to all the support of friends and families last year.  We have a good balance in our bank account to start this year.

Before the HSA took on its charity status we started managing the original school minibus. We then replaced this with a fantastic new minibus since it is was not only being used by the school in Wilton, but the other nurseries too, as well as for school farm visits and the After School Club. We then added a 2nd smaller minibus in 2016.

The Nearly New Sales were a real hit during the last couple of years which helped raise an average of £400/year.  We have also run extremely fun and successful Easter Hunts where we had over 100 participants on some fabulous family fun-filled days.  The Christmas Fair, Summer Fete & raffles are our biggest fundraisers.  


The minibus in 2012 was obviously a huge purchase, which is something we couldn't have done without the support of parents and staff at South Hills! Also this support has helped to purchase many other resourses.
In 2009 the HSA funded a TV to be placed in the main school entrance (outside Barn 1) where recorded video and still photos allow parents to see what the children get up to all day.  We are delighted to say that enough funds were raised to purchase the TV and contribute towards the purchase of the outdoor play equipment and interactive computer screen in 2011.  We also appreciate the voluntary contribution that most parents make towards the HSA in their school fees.

How can you help?

Currently the team is very small, which limits what we can do.  Cleary we are all volunteers, and have our own busy lives and therefore do not have unlimited hours to devote to the school.  Our meetings are very informal and attendance is appreciated rather than expected.  Each of us contributes what we can to forthcoming events, but no-one is asked to take on more than they are prepared to take on.  But with more people, more can be shared out and more achieved.

Meetings are typically held on a Tuesday morning at 10.30am – head to the kitchen for a coffee and a chat.  There is no need to meet every week so dates of the next meeting will be communicated through the weekly newsletter/notice board.

  We appreciate though that people may be working full time or have other commitments which prohibit attending the meetings.  We would love to build up a list of people that are willing to help out ad-hoc to support us.  This could include things such as:

  • being willing to bake a cake for sale at one of the events.
  • helping out with some of the classroom activities such as preparing craft activities in your own time at home.
  • being able to donate a couple of hours of your time to help set-up prior to an event.
  • having experience of fund-raising and willing to contribute ideas and suggestions.
  • having a particular skill or contacts that can be used by the HSA.

Thus, if you are willing to be someone we can call on, please give your name to the office.  Alternatively, we would love to see you at one of the morning meetings.  If all you can give is ideas, then we would love to hear them.


Charity Number: 1141458